Physical Geography of the World and Educational Technologies

Head of the department:
professor Yelovicheva Yadviga Kazimirovna
Year of foundation: 1961
Founded by Professor V.G. Zavriev as a department of physical geography of foreign countries. After the departments reorganization (1976) Professor V. A. Guchkevich was at the head. From 1986 till 2003 the department was lead by Professor V. N Kiselev.
The department trains specialists on the following specialty:
1 – 310201 – Geography, direction: "Scientific and pedagogical activity"
Specialization – "Biogeography"
Qualification: Geographer, Teacher of Geography.
Basic courses:
Physical Geography of the World
World Ocean Physical Geography
Problems of Physical Geography
Methods of Geography Teaching
Geochronological Methods of Research
Educational System Management
Special courses:
Palynology Fundamentals
Toponymy of Belarus
Geobotanical Mapping
Physiographic Zoning
Biogeography of Water Ecosystems
Biodiversification Problems and Methods of Bioindications
Geography of Cultural Plants

Fields of Research:
§ Paleogeography of Belarus in Pleistocene and Holocene
§ Paleontology and Stratigraphy
§ Dendroindication and Dendroclimatology
§ Biogeography and Ecology of Water Ecosystems
§ Geography Teaching Methods
§ Problems of Regional Toponymy
§ Regional Physical Geography

Department of physical geography of the world and educational technologies
Geography Department
Belarusian State University
Nezavisimosti ave., 4 Minsk, 220050
Tel. : +375 17 209 54 92
Fax.: +375 17 209 50 15
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