Soil Science and Land Information Systems

The head of the department: Mikalai Klebanovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.

The department was founded in 1933 by academician Ya. Afanasev. Subsequently, the department was headed: academician I. Lupinovich (1958-1968), corresponding academician A. Medvedev (1968-1980), professor V. Anoshko (1980-2004).

The department training of skilled specialists in specialty «Geography», direction «Geoinformation Systems» (qualification - Geographer. Specialist in Geographical Information Systems), direction «Scientific and Pedagogical Activity», specialisation «Geography of Soils, Land resources and Melioration» (Qualification - Geographer. Teacher of Geography).

Main courses:
Geography of Soils with Soil Science Bases
Historical Geology
Mathematical Methods in Geography
Soil Science and Land Resources
Introduction in GIS
Methods of Investigations of Land
Land Management
GIS Data Sources
Land Cadastre
GIS Hardware and Software
Bases of Land Low
GIS-operations and Technologies
Estimation of Real Estate
Chemistry with Geochemistry Bases
GIS-methods of Weather Forecasting

Special courses:
Geology of Quaternary Deposits
Geochemistry of Landscapes
Geochemistry of Urban Landscapes
Chemical Melioration of Soils
Theories of Soil Science Evolution
Geographical Forecasting
Meliorative Geography
Land Monitoring
Land Information Systems
GIS-mapping of Lands
GIS-analysis and Modeling
Mathematical Methods in Land Management
State Control in Use of Land Resources
Registration of Real Estate
Economics of Land Management
Geochemical Ecology
Applied Geography
Soil Mapping

Main directions of scientific research:
- Soil-geographical zoning of Belarus.
- Soil-geochemical processes in landscapes of Belarus.
- Scientific bases of the territorial organization of agrolandscapes for sustainable land use and environment protection.
- Thematic GIS-mapping.
- Anthropogenous and technogenic evolution of soils.

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