Basic Courses
· Geography: Earth Crust Science; Introduction to Social-Economy Geography; Use of Natural Resources and Protection of Nature; Geography of the Global Population; Geography of the Global Economy; History and Methodology of Geography; Meteorology and Climatology; Cartography and Cartographic Mapping; Methods of Airspace Exploration; Techno-Economical Basis of Production; Toponomy; Economic Geography and Political Geography of Foreign Countries; Physical Geography of Continents and Oceans; Bio-Geography and the Foundations of Ecology; Methods of Geographical Research; Theory of Socio-Economic Geography; Physical Geography of Russia and the C.I.S; Physical and Economic Geography of Belarus.

· Geology: Geology, Geomorphology, Soil Science and the Geography of Soils; Hydrology; Landscape Studies; Topography and the Foundations of Geodesy; Study of the Territorial Industrial Complex.

· Humanitarian Courses: History of Belarus; Belarusian Language and Literature; Philosophy; History and Theory of Culture; Economic Theory; Political Science; Law; Foreign Languages; Psychology; Pedagogic and Methods of Education; Methods of Teaching Geography.

· Natural Science: Higher Mathematics and Computer Studies; Physics and the Foundations of Geophysics; Chemistry and the Foundations of Geochemistry.

Special Courses
Foundations of Paleo-Geography; Hydrо-Ecology; Geochemistry of Landscapes; Geophysics of Landscapes; Geography of Melioration; Petrology and the Foundations of Mineralogy; Geology of Quaternary Deposits; Foundations of Farming; Foundations of Land Use; The Foundations of Market Economy Statistics; Problems of Economic and Social Geography; Recreational Geography; Geography of International Tourism; Planning and Organizing Excursions; The Foundations of Demography; Medicinal Geography and Human Ecology; Labor Market and Problems of Employment; The Foundations of Hydrochemistry; Hydrobiology; Geoecology; The Foundations of Radio-Ecology; The Foundations of Biosphere; Geodesy Basis of Mapmaking; Cartometry; Space Cartography; Regional Planning and Management.