Economical Geography of Belarus and the CIS

The department of the conomical geography of Belarus and CIS was founded in the October of 1968 in the result of the division of the department of economic geography of the geology-geography faculty of the Belarusian State University. The Department of economic geography was divided into the department of the economic geography of USSR and the department of the economic geography of the foreign states.
The department of the economic geography of USSR was the third department in USSR after the same departments of the Moscow State University and Leningrad State University. The founder and the first head of the department of the economic geography of USSR was the famous organizer of the economic and ecomomic-geographical education, the chief editor of Information Bureau of Ministers' Council of USSR, the rector of Belarusian State Institute of National Economy (nowadays – Belarusian State Economic University), lecturer of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, associated professor Ivan Trukhan.
The department received its modern name in 1992 due to disappearance of USSR.
As teachers of economic-geography as high professional graduated the department specialists during its active period. Also the department achieved significant success in researching of the problems of socio-economic geography.
Since 2002 the chairman of State Committee for Science and Technologies, doctor of technical sciences I.V. Voitov has been appointed the head of the department of the economic-geography of Belarus and CIS states.
The head of the department:
I.V. Voitov, doctor of technical sciences, the chairman of State Committee for Science and Technologies
Sphere of the scientific researching:
- Economic-geographical justification of sustainable social, economic and ecological development of Belarus;
- Planning of the geographical basics of the socio-economic habitat formation in the natural and economic regions.
Student specialization:
- Regional socio-economic geography;
- Rational environmental management.
- Basics of ecology and energy saving
- Theory of socio-economic geography
- Socio-economic geography of CIS states
- Socio-economic geography of Belarus
- Technogenic Systems and Ecological Risk
- Geography and Ecology of industrial complex
- Geography and Ecology of the branches of agricultural complex
- Geography and ecology of the transport complex
- Problems Regions of Belarus
- General theory of statistics
- Methodology of regional economic analysis
- Prediction of socio-economic development and computer modeling
International cooperation:
- Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
- Department of Regional Policy and Political Geography of Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
- Department of Tourism and Geography of Smolensk University for Humanities, Russia
- Geography Research Institution of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

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