Economical Geography of Foreign Countries

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Head of the department:
professor Ekaterina Antipava

Year of foundation: 1938
Founded by professor M. N. Smirnow as a department of economic geography. Then the department was lead by professor N. E. Rogozin. After the departments reorganization (1968) professor N. T. Romanowsky was at the head. From 1987 to 2002 the department was lead by professor A.V. Tomashevich.

The department trains specialists on the following specialities:
Geography, direction: "Scientific and pedagogical activity"
Specializations: "Geography of Tourism and Excursion Management"
"Economic Geography"
Qualification: Geographer, Tutor of Geography

Basic courses:
· Introduction to the socio-economic geography
· Methods of geographic research
· World Population Geography
· Geography of World Industries
· Economic and Politic Geography of Foreign Countries
· Socio-economic geography
· World Ocean Economic Geography
· Problems of Political Geography
· Structural Shifts of the World Industry

Special Courses:
· Environmental economy
· Ethnic Geography
· Family Geography
· Social and Economic Demography
· Methods of Recreational Research
· Basics of Tourism Guidance
· Economics of Tourism
· Methods of Migrations Research
· Recreational Geography
· Geourbanistics
· Geography of International Tourism
· Geography and Culture and Basics of Museum Studies
· Labor Market and Problems of Employment
· Population Problems
· Excursion Management
· Excursional and Cultural Heritage of Belarus
· Tourist Market Forecast
· Recreational Recourses and Methods of Evaluation
· Basics of Demography
· Regional Economic Integration

Fields of Research:
· Spatial Management of Socio-economical Geosystems
· Geography of World Industries
· Political Geography and Geopolitics
· Demography and Population Geography
· Tourism Geography and Excursion Management
· Natural and Resort Potential and it's Evaluation

Basic Results of the Department's Scientific Development:
· 2-3 research projects has been held annually, particularly within the framework of Inter-University program "Environmental and Economic Regions", Innovational project based on the contract with the Committee of Religions and Nationalities under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
· The Electronic Geographic Atlas has been prepared: "Confessions and Religious Facilities of the Republic of Belarus"; the Electronic Monitoring Database has been created: "Religious Commonalties and Organizations of the Republic of Belarus"
· 10 monographies and case studies has been published, including: "Geography of Mogilev Region" (2004), "Structure of Geographical Environment and Landscape Diversity of Belarus" (2006), "Regions of Belarus: Features of Demographical Development and Labor Potential of the Countryside" (2007), "Tourist Regions of Belarus" (2008), "The Art of Architectural and Landscape Design" (2008), "Resorts and Sanatoriums of Belarus" (2008), "Geodemographic Problems and Spatial Structure of Rural Settlements in Belarus" (2008);
· 32 tutorials and methodological manuals has been published, including: 17 wall study maps on world and regional socio-economic geography, tutorials for HEI's: "Socio-economic Geography of Foreign Countries" (2008), "Geopolitics in the Modern World" (2008), "Tourism Geography: Methods of Analysis of Touristic Space" (2008), "World Ocean Geography" (2006-2007), "Geography of International Tourism: CIS and Baltic States" (2004); lecture courses: "Environmental Economy" (2007), "Problems of Political Geography" (2005), "World Ocean Economic Geography" (2004), 7th grade textbook "Geography"(2007).
164 articles has been published in various scientific magazines, collected articles and conference materials.