Economical Geography of Foreign Countries


Department of Economic and Social Geography was established in September 2017. The department is headed by E. Antipova Doctor of Geographical sciences, Full Professor. Department includes a collective of 12 people, in particular 1 full professor, 5 associate professor.

The department trains specialists on the following specialities:

Geography, direction: "Scientific and pedagogical activity"

Specializations: "Geography of Tourism and Excursion Management"


Qualification: Geographer, Tutor of Geography

Basic courses:

  • Introduction to the socio-economic geography
  • Methods of geographic research
  • World Population Geography
  • Economic and Politic Geography of Foreign Countries
  • Socio-economic geography
  • World Ocean Economic Geography
  • Problems of Political Geography
  • Theory of socio-economic geography
  • Geography of Belarus (economic)

Head of the department - Antipova Ekaterina, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Full Professor

Associate Professors:

  • Bagino Natalia, Ph.D. in Economics
  • Zaitsev Vladimir, PhD in Geography
  • Smolyakov Gennady, PhD in Geography
  • Shevtsova Natalia, PhD in Geography

Senior teachers:

  • Voronkova Natalia
  • Trifonova Irina
  • Shavel Alexey
  • Byazruchonak Andrei


  • Zaprudski Ilya
  • Slivinskaya Tatsiana

Academic department administrators:

  • Skrobut Elena
  • Garchanyuk Valentina
  • Petrova Elena