Department of Geodesy and Aerospace Cartography


The department has 9 full-time and 6 part-time lecturers, of which 1 Doctor of Sciences and 4 PhD (candidates of science).

Antanina Tapaz Head of Department, PhD (Candidate of Geographical Sciences)
Aliaksandr Ramankevich Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Geographical Sciences)
Pavel Zhoomar Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Franz Shalkievich Associate Professor, PhD (Biology)
Anna Herman Senior Lecturer
Anna Kaftanchikova Senior Lecturer
Vyacheslav Peikhwasser Senior Lecturer
Ivan Smirnov Senior Lecturer
Andrei Talpinsky Senior Lecturer
The Department of Geodesy and Cartography was established on October 1, 1969.


At the 1st stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-31 02 03 Aerospace cartography with the qualification “Geographer. Specialist in cartographic and geodetic activities”;

At the second stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-56 80 01 Land management, cadastres, geodesy and geomatics, with profiling Geomatics, with the degree of "Master of Sciences".

 One of the leading departments with established traditions and an innovative approach to educational and scientific activities. Carries out fundamental training in the disciplines of the cartographic and geodetic field of activity.

The role of the department is determined by the place of geodesy and space-aerocartography in the system of geographical sciences, which provide a geographical basis, a cartographic language for geographic imaging and cartographic research methods, and in current realities - the whole range of geoinformation cartographic products and information geotechnologies.

The department is unique in the BSU and in Belarus

It’s the only educational and scientific centre in the country for space and aerial cartography and comprehensive research using modern electronic and satellite geodetic measurements, remote methods for studying and mapping objects and natural environmental phenomena.

The Department is the University’s Educational and Methodological Center for Geodesy, Remote Research Methods and Cartography for interdisciplinary student’s research, undergraduate and postgraduate research.The Department offers the widest thematic range of possible educational and scientific development of students - from fundamental to highly specialized disciplines of an applied nature.

It offers interesting educational, production and pre-diploma practices using global navigation satellite systems and electronic geodesic equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, various graphic software and GIS applications for cartographic visualisation on information materials and media.

 Famous graduates of the department

Deputy Director of "Belkartography" Alla Benediktovich.

Leading editor of "Belkartography" Tatyana Prokopovich.

Leading editor of "Belkartography" Dmitry Makarevich.

Head of the department of the company "Credo-Dialog" Ivan Kukareko.

Head of the department of geoinformation services and analytics, Belarusian enterprise of agricultural aerial photogeodesic surveys Maxim Gutsaki.


16 Leningradskaya Street, office 210, Minsk 220030, Belarus

telephone: 209-54-96; 209-55-05

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