Geographical Ecology


The department has 9 full-time and 1 part-time lecturer, of which 1 Doctor of Science and 8 PhD (candidates of science).

Natalya Gagina Head of the Department, PhD (Geography), Associate Professor
Aliaksandr Vitchanka Professor, Doctor of Science (Geography), Full Professor
Mikhail Brilevski Professor, PhD (Geography)
Olga Antsipava Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Elena Galai Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Evgeniy Kozlov Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Irina Shchasnaya Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Dmitry Vorobyov Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
One of the oldest departments of the Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics. Founded by Professor Ivanov I. M. as the Department of Physical Geography. In 1999, the department was reorganised into the Department of Geographical Ecology.


At the 1st stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-33 01 02 Geoecology, specialization 1-33 01 02 05 "Geoenvironmental information systems" with the qualification "Geographer-ecologist. Geography and Ecology teacher.

At the second stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-33 80 01 Ecology, profiling Geoecology with the degree of "Master of Sciences".

 The department is unique in the BSU and in Belarus

Department with established traditions of physical and geographical research and innovative geoecological approaches to solving the problems of sustainable nature management, environmental safety and the use of geoinformation technologies. The largest center in the country for training specialists in the field of geoecology, physical geography and landscape science.

The department is the founder of the scientific school of landscape science and geoecology of the Belarusian State University (the school was founded in 1974). The founder of the school - Ph.D., Professor Dementiev V.A., the leaders of the scientific school nowadays - Doctor of Sciences, Professor Martsinkevich G.I., Doctor of Sciences, Professor Vitchenko A.N. .

The main areas of scientific research are carried out by the department within the framework of the scientific school: fundamental and applied research of Belarusian landscapes, GIS mapping, classification, zoning, environmental assessment of urban landscapes, diversity of landscapes of specially protected natural areas. Theoretical and applied problems of geoecology for the purposes of optimization of the environmental management in Belarus, assessing the effectiveness of the functioning of natural and economic geosystems, the quality of the living environment of the population and the comfort of the climate of cities.

The department is distinguished by a high level of organization of the educational process, the formation of professional competencies of students in the study of fundamental disciplines (geoecology, landscape science, physical geography) and special disciplines (environmental expertise, management and audit, urban ecology, environmental and economic foundations of nature management). Unique disciplines for the application of geoinformation technologies in geoecology (GIS in ecology and nature management, software for environmental research, design and computer graphics in ecology) have been developed.

Educational and production practices were organized on the basis of leading scientific, research and production centers, environmental institutions, and industrial enterprises.

 Famous graduates of the Department

Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Scientific School of Landscape Science and Geoecology of Belarus Martsinkevich G.I.

Director of the Republican Research Unitary Enterprise Belarusian Research Center "Ecology" Mikhalevich R.V.


16 Leningradskaya Street, office 210, Minsk 220030, Belarus

telephone: 209-54-91

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