Laboratory of Landscape Ecology

  • 2024

Date of creation: 1962

Head: Associate professor S.I. Kuzmin
Scientific directions: landscape ecology, anthropogenic evolution of soils, territorial organization of nature management, forming of protecting natural territories
International cooperation:
Landscape Ecology Lab. takes part in a number of projects developed under the supervision UNDP-GEF:
- Renaturalization and Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Belarus to Combat Land Degradation, Mitigate Climate Change and Ensure Conservation of Globally Valuable Biodiversity (2004–2010);
- National Capacity Self-assessment for Global Environmental Management in Belarus (2005–2007);
- Natiomal Report of the Republic of Belarus on the UNCCD Implementation (2002, 2006, 2010);
- Alignment of National Action Program of Belarus with the UNCCD 10 Years Strategy (GEF International Project);
- Management of Alytus–Grodno Region Transboundary Protected Areas and Promotion of Their Integration into Pan-European Ecological Network on the Program of Transboundary Cooperation Lithuania–Latvia–Belarus (2011) – application is submitted.
The head of the Landscape Ecology Lab. is a Member of the Committee on Science and Technology of the UNCCD from Eastern and Central Europe.
Valentin Yatsukhno and Pavel Zhoomar implement a scientific collaboration with IALE and they are its actual members.