Physical Geography of the World and Educational Technologies


The department has 9 full-time lecturers and 5 part-time lecturers, of which 2 are Doctors of Science (Geography) and 6 are PhD (candidates of science).

Alena Kalmakova Dean, PhD (Geography)

Ekaterina Matyushevskaya Head of Department, PhD (Geography)
Yadviga Yelovichava Professor, Doctor of Science (Geography), Full Professor
Alexey Yarotau Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Maryna Ermalovich Senior Lecturer
Vladimir Makhnach Deputy Dean for Educational Work and Social Issues, Senior Lecturer
Pisarchuk Natalia Senior Lecturer, Deputy Dean on a voluntary basis for academic work and educational innovations
Oleg Sinchuk Senior Lecturer
Arina Sokolova Senior Lecturer



The department was founded in 1961 as a Department of Physical Geography of Foreign Countries. In 1976, the Department of Physical Geography of Foreign Countries was renamed into the Department of Physical Geography of Continents and Oceans and Methods of Teaching Geography. On October 11, 2010, the department was renamed into the Department of Physical Geography of the World and Educational Technologies.


At the 1st stage of higher education (undergraduate studies):

- specialty 1-31 02 01 Geography (with directions), direction of the specialty Geography (scientific and pedagogical activity) with the qualification “Geographer. Geography teacher.

At the second stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-31 80 02 Geography, profiling Innovative geotechnologies with the degree of "Master".

email:  It’s one of the oldest and the only department in the Republic of Belarus specializing in the field of physical geography, harmoniously combining scientific activity and the educational process.

The department is unique in BSU and in Belarus

The department has 9 directions for scientific and educational activities (in physical geography, methods of university and school geographical education (of information geotechnologies), landscape design and decorative dendrology, biogeographic, environmental management and nature conservation, toponymic, evolutionary geographical, geological).

The tasks of the State programs of scientific research are being carried out, the implementation of grants from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, participation in the projects of the Belarusian Republican Fund for Fundamental Research.

The department annually conducts the Republican scientific and methodological seminar for workers of secondary and higher schools “Pedagogical workshop “MASTER GEO”.

Field training and educational and familiarization practices in production, pedagogical and pre-diploma, which are important in the formation of a wide range of practice-oriented competencies of graduates.

Famous graduates of the department

Head of the meteorological forecast service of the State Institution "Republican Center for Hydrometeorology, Radioactive Contamination Control and Environmental Monitoring" Chetyrko T.I.


16 Leningradskaya Street, office 210, Minsk 220030, Belarus


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