Physical Geography of the World and Educational Technologies


The department was founded in 1961. It had become an independent structural unit from the department of physical geography of foreign countries. Over the years, it was headed by prof. V.G. Zavriev, prof. V.A. Zhuchkevich, prof. V.N. Kiselev, prof. Y.K. Elovicheva. In 2010, the department was renamed. Now it is called the department of physical geography of the world and educational technologies. Since 2017, the department is led by Ph.D., associate professor E.G. Kolmakova.

Currently, the department carries out research on the fundamentally-applied profiles, such as: the development of theoretical and applied problems of modern physical and evolutionary geography and biogeography; transformation of the environment under the influence of the anthropogenic factor, solving problems of regional toponymy and issues of scientific and methodological quality assurance of higher and secondary geographical education in Belarus in terms of innovative development.

The department is specialized in the development of scientific, methodological and methodological support in physical geography and methods of teaching geography for institutions of general and secondary education in the Republic of Belarus. In the framework of career guidance since 2006, the Department has created the “School of young geographers, regional researchers and geologists”. The department maintains scientific international relations with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Slovakia.


The department trains specialists with the following qualifications - Geographer. Geography teacher in the specialty 1-31 02 01 Geography, direction Scientific and pedagogical activity in the specialization 1-31 02 01-02 11 Biogeography. Students annually apply to the department to obtain the second stage of higher education (the Degree of Master of Sciences).

Currently, the department of physical geography of the world and educational technologies employs 12 persons, including 1 doctor and 4 candidates of science (1 professor and 4 associate professors).


220030, Minsk, ul. Leningradskaya, 16, aud. 320.

Contact phone: + 37517-209-54-92.

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Regional physical geography, biogeography, paleogeography and evolutionary geography, dendroindication and dendroclimatology, methods of university and school geographical education, general and regional toponymy.


Courses taught:

General training courses include:

Physical Geography of the Continents

Physical Geography of the World



Physical Geography of the World Ocean

Methods of Teaching Geography

General Toponymy

Geographical Name Transcription

Problems of Modern Geography

Pedagogical Systems and Technologies in Higher Education (magistracy)

Geochronological Research Methods (magistracy)


Special disciplines:

gardening basics

basics of palinology

basics of forestry and hunting

Decorative Dendrology and Phytodesign

Natural Heritage

Geobotanical and Zoogeographical Mapping

Monitoring and Rational Use of Bioresources

Hydrometeorology Problems

River Flow and Channel Processes


Optional disciplines:

organization of independent work in information networks

Intellectual Property Management Basics

e-learning technologies