Soil Science and Geographic Information Systems


The department has 11 full-time and 14 part-time lecturers, of which 2 are Doctors of Science and 8 are PhD (candidates of science).

Dzmitry M. Kurlovich First Vice-Rector, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Alexander Chervan Head of the Department, PhD (Agriculture), Associate Professor
Mikalai Klebanovich Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Full Professor
Aliaksandr Karpichenka Deputy Dean for Research and International Cooperation, PhD (Georaphy)
Nadezhda Kavalchyk Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Alexander Semianiuk Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Lyudmila Smykovich Associate Professor, PhD (Geography)
Dmitry Chizh Associate Professor, PhD (Economic Sciences)
Aliaksei Sazonov Senior Lecture
Anastasia Meshcheryakova Head of the Teaching and Methodological Cabinet, Senior Lecturer


The Department of Soil Science was organized in 1933 as the initiative of the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR Afanasiev Y.N. Since 1960, the department has been renamed into the Department of Soil Science and Geology. In 2010, the Department of Soil Science and Geology was renamed into the Department of Soil Science and Land Information Systems. In 2019, the department was renamed into the Department of Soil Science and Geoinformation Systems.


At the 1st stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-56 02 02 Geographic information systems (with directions), direction of the specialty Geographic information systems (land cadastre);

- specialty 1-31 02 01 Geography (with directions), direction of the specialty Geography (scientific and pedagogical activity) with the qualification “Geographer. Geography teacher.

At the second stage of higher education:

- specialty 1-56 80 01 Land management, cadastres, geodesy and geomatics, profiling Geomatics with the degree of "Master of Sciences".


The Department is the country's largest educational and scientific center for the use of GIS technologies in fundamental and applied research.

It’s the University’s educational and methodological center for the use of geoinformation technologies in the educational process and interdisciplinary research of students and graduate students.

It’s the BSU Geoinformation Cluster coordinator.

The Department is unique in the BSU and in Belarus

It offers a wide thematic range of possible educational and scientific development of students: from fundamental disciplines (soil science, geochemistry, soil biophysics) to highly specialized areas of practical application (database architecture, GIS programming, web GIS, automated design systems and BIM technologies).

Opportunity to participate in the best projects of the country with highly professional staff of the department (tasks of the State research programs and international projects).

Interesting educational, production and undergraduate practice using GIS software, global navigation satellite systems and electronic geodetic equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), lidar surveys.

High level of student term papers and diploma theses: graduates of the department are multiple winners of international and republican competitions of student scientific works, and GIS projects competitions.

The Department annually participates in the International GIS Day - the world professional movement for the implementation of GIS technologies in science and practice.

Famous graduates

Genin V., Wang Hao, Shashko K.M., Litreeva M.A., Yarkovich Yu.V.


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