Soil Science and Geographic Information Systems

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The Department was founded in 1933 by Academician, Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Jakov Afanasev, as a Department of Soil Science. Subsequently, the Department was headed by Associate Professor Fedor Dominikovsky, Ph.D. inAgriculture (1943-1948) and Academician, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Ivan Lupinovich (1948-1968). In 1960, the Department was reorganized into the Department of Soil Science and Geology. At different times the Department was headed by: Corresponding Member, Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Andrej Medved'ev (1968-1980); Professor, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Valerij Anoshko (1980-2004); Professor, Doctor of Agricultural sciences Nikolaj Klebanovich (2004-2017). In 2010, the Department was renamed into the Department of Soil Science and Land Information Systems. In 2019, the Department was renamed into the Department of Soil Science and Geographic Information Systems.

The head of the department is professor, Ph.D. N.V. Klebanovich.


The department staff consists of 1 head, 2 professors, 7 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 4 lecturers.

The Department trains specialists on the following specialities: 1-56 02 02 Geographical Information Systems, Land-Cadastral focus area (qualification – Specialist in Cadastre and Geoinformation systems); 1-31 02 01 Geography, Scientific and Pedagogical Activity focus area, specialization – Geography of soils, Land resources and Melioration (qualification – Geographer. Teacher of Geography).

CONTACTS: Leningragskaya str. 16, Minsk, Belarus, rooms 300, 304; phone: (+37517)2095487, (+375 17) 2095479.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AREAs: Studying the soils and soil cover structure of Belarus, the evolution of Belarus soils as a result of agro- and technogenesis, geochemistry of landscapes, and GIS technologies appliсations in the Earth sciences.

Educational and methodical complexes on courses:

GIS Hardware and Software

Soil Biophysics

Introduction to GIS

Geography of Soils with Soil Science Basics



Geochemistry of Landscapes

GIS in PopulationGeography

GIS in Land Administration

GIS-analysis and Mapping of Soils

GIS-analysis and Modelling

GIS-mapping of Lands

GIS-mapping of Natural Resources

GIS-operations and Technologies

GIS-technologies in Geology


Design and Layout in GIS

Land Law

Land Information Systems

Land Cadastre

Land Management

GIS Data Sources

Land Cadastre and Monitoring

Mathematical Methods in Geography

Mathematical Methods in Land Management

Mathematical Methods of Geodata Processing and Analysis

Meliorative geography

Methods of Land Surveys

Land Monitoring

Basics of GIS-mapping

Photogrammetry Fundamentals

Real EstateValuation

GIS-mapping of Soils

Soil Science

Soil Science and Land Resources

GIS Programming

GIS software

Computer Aided Design Systems (CAD)

Chemical Melioration of Soils

Digital Databases

Land Use Economics